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Apr 2014 10

The FotoFest 2014 Biennial continues through April 27 at venues across Houston.  Experience the Biennial, and Springtime in Houston in a whole new way. Join the rides and visit photography exhibitions at FotoFest and Participating Spaces.  Ride the whole day or join us en route – the tour is modular and is designed for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time: 1-4pm

Start Location:
FotoFest at Spring Street Studios, 1824 Spring St, 77007
View From Inside
Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media

Visiting Locations:

  • FotoFest at Allen Center / Discoveries of the Meeting Place
  • The Station Museum / Collective Reaction – Adel Abidin, Mohammed Al-Shammarey, Democracia, Maura Sheehan, Hito Steyerl, Prince Varughese Thomas
  • Hyde Park Gallery / The Art of Travel – Sam Gainer and Bob Gomel
  • Houston Center for Photography / Newsroom – Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Tanya Habjouqa, Remi Ochlik, Zied Ben Romdhane, Austin Tice; Wetiko: Cowboys and Indigenes – Nermine Hammam; Ajyal – Maitha Bin Demithan
  • Lawndale Arts Center / Love Letters in a Tree – Otis Ike & Ivete Lucas; Safe Distance – Galina Kurlat; CURB APPEAL – Krista Birnbaum; Friends in Low Places – Spike Johnson; The People’s Plate – Otabenga Jones & Associates

Tickets: Free
Registration:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/fotofest-2014-bike-scramble-registration-11192510099

Second Bike Ride information:

Date: Saturday, April 19, 2014
Time: 1-4pm

Start Location:
FotoFest at Silver Street Studios, 2000 Edwards St, 77007
View From Inside
Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media

Visiting Locations:

  • The Printing Museum / Contemporary Arabic Graffiti and Lettering – Ammar Abo Kakr, Julien Breton aka Kallam, Monsieur Cana aka Askar, El Seed, hest 1, Sameh Ismael, L’Atlas, Muiz, Native & ZenTwo, Sun 7 aka Jonas Bournat, Aya Tarek, Yazan, and Zepha aka Vincent Abadie Hafez
  • Sicardi Gallery / Mealnie Smith: Green is the Colour – Melanie Smith; Miguel Angel Rios: One the Edge – Miguel Angel Rios
  • Houston Center for Photography / Newsroom – Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Tanya Habjouqa, Remi Ochlik, Zied Ben Romdhane, Austin Tice; Wetiko: Cowboys and Indigenes – Nermine Hammam; Ajyal – Maitha Bin Demithan
  • Anya Tish Gallery / Killing Time – Daniela Edburg
  • Barbara Davis Gallery / Encounters – Sueraya Shaheen
  • The Mission / Lateral – Erica Bohm, Jeremy Bolen, Marcelo Grosman, Jason Lazarus, Jeroen Nelemans, John Opera, Daniel Shea, Missy Weime; The Smoky End of Time – Bryan Zanisnik
  • Zoya Tommy Contemporary / Sebastien Boncy, Lester Marks and Gabriel Ramos
  • The Menil Collection / In the Midst of Things – Fredrick Baldwin and Wendy Watriss

Tickets: Free
Registration:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/fotofest-2014-bike-scramble-registration-11192510099

Feb 2014 20

March 16.

Have you registered yet?


Feb 2014 01

DSC04787Picture courtesy of BellaCakesofAndrea

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since I started this project back in 2010.  It’s amazing to see the growth of the bike community.  You meet some pretty influential people that want to see the bike community grow and as for the bike community, it’s a big THANK YOU to you because you guys are the reason why Houston has really flourished in making the city a bike-friendly one.  Sure there are still tons of hurdles to break and ways to make the city more and more bike conscious but it takes time and it takes awareness.

If you have friends that don’t bike, try to get them on one.  If they don’t want to, at least try to show them why it’s important to give cyclists space on the road and it’s not really that hard to give them that space.  It’s still a person’s like on that piece of machinery.  People want bigger and faster but sometimes, even getting on the little piece of metal on two wheels can get you from point A to point B quicker than some of the traffic you have to sit through sometimes.  Take care of each other on the road.

There are tons of events that happen all around town now and they can be pretty easy to find thanks to social media.  Twitter groups, facebook groups, bike shop groups and just groups of friends riding around town.  PedalHouston is here to be able to keep you in touch with all those things where they can but it’s up to you to find that group that’s the perfect fit for you.  Thanks for sticking around and making PedalHouston useful and hope to keep providing great information for whomever needs it.


Jan 2014 25

2014 BP MS150

The Annual BP MS150 ride is just around the corner.  I’m sure that the Polar Vortex hasn’t really helped with everyone’s training for the ride either.  I guess that’s why there are spin classes and inside trainers for those emergency rides that you have to get in.  It’s really important to train, just like marathoners train.  It’s about conditioning, physically and mentally.  It’s a long ride but a fun one at that.  It takes a toll on your body and you have to make sure that your muscles can sustain the constant motion, as well as the recovery time afterwards or your body goes into “What the heck did you just put me through?!” mode.

There are tons of details about the ride for riders, as well as the spectators.  Take time out to see where to stop, where to camp, how to get to specific sites and where to meet your parties and shuttles from sites.


The warmer weekends are ahead of us so get on your bike and start putting some miles on that bike.  Lycra never looked so good.

Nov 2013 20


It’s time for the annual FotoFest Bike Scramble by FotoFest International.

Info below:

FotoFest Bike Scramble at the ArtCrawl 2013

FotoFest and Artcrawl 2013 come together again to offer the public a bike tour of the ArtCrawl 2013!

The Bike Scramble visits several studio spaces and receives tours with local artists and curators. Starting at FotoFest Headquarters at 11:00am, the ride continues until about 3:30pm. Ride the whole day or join us on the route – the tour is modular (pick and choose when you want to ride).

This leisurely ride is designed for riders age 10+ and at all skill levels, but riders should be familiar with basic bicycle operation and safety. Please check the condition of your bicycle before the ride, sag support is available, but is limited.

All participants are required to complete a Registration Form and Waiver.


FotoFest International
Houston Foundry
Studio Twenty Twenty / Puerta Gallery
Aerosol Warfare
O’Kane Gallery UHD
The Docks

Nov 2013 05

Festival Schedule:


– Registration for all bmx and ramp events

– Open ramp session for registered riders ($10 to register for all events)

– Flatland riding area open for play

– Bike Polo open for play

– Texas Gold Sprint’em open for play

– DJ AF The Naysayer

11 – 12PM

– DJ Fredster

12PM – 1PM

– DJ Frankie 5x

– Bike Polo Demo (12 – 12:30)

1PM – 2PM

– BMX Freestyle Comp

– DJ Kayo

2PM – 3PM

– All bikes race and freestyle course comp

– DJ Ill-set

3PM – 4PM

– Foot Down, Track Stand, Bunny Hop

– DJ Cee Plus

4PM- 5PM

– Texas Gold Sprint’em Finals

– DJ Grand Dad Crunk

5PM – 6PM

– Awards Ceremony for FRC, OCC, TGS

– DJ GWizz




Volunteering Info: http://htxbikefest.com/volunteer/

Oct 2013 11




Houston B-cycle – presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, will offer FREE 24 hour passes each day over the three-day weekend fromSaturday Oct. 12 – Mon., Oct. 14.  During this time users can check out a bike with no membership fees by using promotion code 1234 at any of the 28 B-cycle stationsfor the FREE 24 hour membership. Bikes can be checked-out and returned unlimited times during the day; however usage fees will STILL apply for any trips OVER 60 minutes. Station hours are from 6am-11pm and a credit card will still be required to check out bikes.

Houston B-cycle is a bike share program that provides a quick transportation alternative for getting around the city. Whether grabbing coffee or commuting to work, Houston B-cycle sets you free from your car and relies on the best alternative fuel: YOU.


Saturday, October 12- Monday, October 14, 2013


Smith & Capitol
Dallas & Smith
Tellepsen YMCA
Lamar & Milam
Main & Dallas
LaBranch & Lamar
McKinney & Caroline
Sabine Bridge                        
Rusk & St. Emanuel
METRO Transit Center
UH Downtown/Main & Franklin
Market Square
City Hall
George R. Brown Convention Center

W. Gray & Baldwin
Milam at Elgin
Ensemble/HCC Station
Milam & Webster

Westheimer & Waugh
Freed Library
Menil Collection
Taft & Fairview

Spotts Park
Stude Park

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Hermann Park Lake Plaza

Leonel Castillo Community Center

Project Row House

Houston B-Cycle is creating opportunities for expansion into 2014. To find out more about sponsor opportunities to create a B-cycle station in your area, please call 713-865-3662. To find out more about Houston B-cycle, visit houston.bcycle.com.        

Aug 2013 22

BikeHouston Moonlight Ramble

Houston’s favorite annual nighttime ride, BikeHouston Moonlight Bicycle Ramble, is a couple months away on Saturday, October 26, so get your coolest lightshow on a bike ready to show off to go along with your already awesome halloween costume.

Everything you need to know (registration, date, times, FAQs, etc) is located here: http://www.bikehouston.org/moonlightramble/

As usual, the bike ride starts at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the bike route will follow.  Tell your friends and family about it.  It’s a great excuse for the kids to stay up late, if they can keep their eyes open enough to ride a bike through the city.  :-)

Jul 2013 31
Cedar Creek Cafe – 10am to 4pm – 1034 W. 20th St., Houston, TX 77008

Come out and buy or sell some stuff.  You might find that gem you’ve always been looking for.

Jul 2013 29

It seems that the growth of the Houston Critical Mass ride has some soaring numbers to compete with. It’s great to see but also people need to ride responsibly especially in numbers like that.  The more people there are, sure you can see one another and there’s safety in numbers, but also there’s a lot of careless things that can happen so be cautious of others and that you still keep your safety distance.  Rubbing tires can turn into an instant domino effect with people so closely around you.  Who says there’s nothing to do it Houston?  Especially on a Friday night at the end of the month?  This picture begs to differ.

Picture by Jamie Salinas, from Critical Mass Houston Facebook group

If you want more info on the ride or want to make new bike buddies – join the Facebook group: Houston Critical Mass.  It has grown to over 7,000 members. Pretty legit, if you ask me.  The forum basically runs itself now.