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Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling. « PedalHouston
Jul 2013 29

It seems that the growth of the Houston Critical Mass ride has some soaring numbers to compete with. It’s great to see but also people need to ride responsibly especially in numbers like that.  The more people there are, sure you can see one another and there’s safety in numbers, but also there’s a lot of careless things that can happen so be cautious of others and that you still keep your safety distance.  Rubbing tires can turn into an instant domino effect with people so closely around you.  Who says there’s nothing to do it Houston?  Especially on a Friday night at the end of the month?  This picture begs to differ.

Picture by Jamie Salinas, from Critical Mass Houston Facebook group

If you want more info on the ride or want to make new bike buddies – join the Facebook group: Houston Critical Mass.  It has grown to over 7,000 members. Pretty legit, if you ask me.  The forum basically runs itself now.