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2014 BP MS 150 – April 12-13 « PedalHouston
Jan 2014 25

2014 BP MS150

The Annual BP MS150 ride is just around the corner.  I’m sure that the Polar Vortex hasn’t really helped with everyone’s training for the ride either.  I guess that’s why there are spin classes and inside trainers for those emergency rides that you have to get in.  It’s really important to train, just like marathoners train.  It’s about conditioning, physically and mentally.  It’s a long ride but a fun one at that.  It takes a toll on your body and you have to make sure that your muscles can sustain the constant motion, as well as the recovery time afterwards or your body goes into “What the heck did you just put me through?!” mode.

There are tons of details about the ride for riders, as well as the spectators.  Take time out to see where to stop, where to camp, how to get to specific sites and where to meet your parties and shuttles from sites.


The warmer weekends are ahead of us so get on your bike and start putting some miles on that bike.  Lycra never looked so good.


  1. Renee M says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for moderate weather again to get back in the saddle!