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Happy Birthday, PedalHouston! « PedalHouston
Feb 2014 01

DSC04787Picture courtesy of BellaCakesofAndrea

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since I started this project back in 2010.  It’s amazing to see the growth of the bike community.  You meet some pretty influential people that want to see the bike community grow and as for the bike community, it’s a big THANK YOU to you because you guys are the reason why Houston has really flourished in making the city a bike-friendly one.  Sure there are still tons of hurdles to break and ways to make the city more and more bike conscious but it takes time and it takes awareness.

If you have friends that don’t bike, try to get them on one.  If they don’t want to, at least try to show them why it’s important to give cyclists space on the road and it’s not really that hard to give them that space.  It’s still a person’s like on that piece of machinery.  People want bigger and faster but sometimes, even getting on the little piece of metal on two wheels can get you from point A to point B quicker than some of the traffic you have to sit through sometimes.  Take care of each other on the road.

There are tons of events that happen all around town now and they can be pretty easy to find thanks to social media.  Twitter groups, facebook groups, bike shop groups and just groups of friends riding around town.  PedalHouston is here to be able to keep you in touch with all those things where they can but it’s up to you to find that group that’s the perfect fit for you.  Thanks for sticking around and making PedalHouston useful and hope to keep providing great information for whomever needs it.